Winning in a Data-driven Marketplace

Agencies need two things to succeed: more sophisticated audience intelligence to respond to RFPs and greater innovation to better serve their clients.

We provide your agency with unprecedented, proprietary consumer insights, analytics and activation tools to win more business, develop precision audience engagement strategies and deliver hyper-relevant marketing that drives results and increases value for you and your clients.

And we do it better, faster and more affordably.

Evolving Consumer Marketing

Marketing lies at the intersection of human emotions and data driven science. We help agencies quickly connect the two by providing them instant access to advanced real-time consumer research and insights. Our solutions, powered by industry-leading data science, provide a deeper, always-on understanding of consumers and how to engage them in a more relevant way.

How We Help Our Agency Partners

We arm your team with the actionable insights that drive better real world decisions, more effective marketing, more profitable customer relationships and stronger competitive differentiation.

Respond in real-time to client briefs

Test & learn across the customer journey

Reduce research time, complexity and data costs

Lead in analytics and insights in offerings to clients

Win more business

Uncover the right audiences for the your clients

Understand what consumers care about most

Maximize the return on media spend

Deliver relevant creative & messaging that converts

Increase performance and ROI

Orchestrating Strategy to Execution

The simplicity of one turn-key system of data, insights and audience engagement solutions, powered by A.I. and machine learning, connects research and planning to activation and measurement across the entire agency team and process.

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Multiple Solutions to Meet Unique Needs

We provide you the blueprint for maximizing performance, and building client experiences that win long-term business.

Always-On Research & Real-Time Insights

Faster, comprehensive insights based on continuous proprietary research and real-time, contextual behavioral data.

100K consumer surveys + 10B online events per day provides 7K attributes on 550M online U.S. adults device users.

We meet all of your audience research, development, discovery and measurement needs.

Media Solutions

Two convenient options:

Immediate activation of Resonate-created audiences directly from the platform provides ease of orchestration, faster optimization and reduced costs to manage.


Data portability of your Resonate audiences works perfectly with integration into your client’s DSP/DMP for media targeting.

Managed Media Services

Let our media experts deliver more than expected KPIs without any extra work on your part!

Using our always-on research and insights, our knowledgeable team will build audiences based on your unique needs, and then help you plan, buy, manage and optimize your programmatic campaigns.




Resonate Powered Data Quality, Strategic Insights and Media Performance

One of the Top 10 Global Advertising Agencies was looking to save time, find higher quality insights to become more strategic to their clients while increasing performance in media activation. See how Resonate delivered an increase of 32% average ROAS compared to other data sources, along with other results.

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