Major consumer brands, political campaigns, advocacy groups, leading agencies and top publishers rely on our Intelligence-to-Activation solution to discover and activate on otherwise unidentifiable attributes and human dimensions.

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Brands have the opportunity to engage with people beyond a single transaction. Building engagement loyalty and lasting relationships starts with understanding people’s motivations.

We are the only company that connects traditional market research and advanced data science directly to observed behaviors and online activation in a single integrated platform. So you target exactly the people who need to hear your message rather than relying on simple demographics or behaviors.

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Politics & Advocacy

Our roots are in Politics and Advocacy. Since 2008, we have successfully executed thousands of campaigns and served billions of ads, including nearly 150 advocacy organizations and 300 political campaigns during the 2014 midterm elections.

We are the only company that engages audiences based on why they’re compelled to act. Audiences are created from unique attributes, including issue positions, personal values, and engagement activities.

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We know more than who people are and what they do — we know why they do it. And we use our insights about people’s motivations to drive better results for agency partners, whether their clients are brands, political campaigns or advocacy organizations.

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Publishers intent on delivering the right audiences to their advertisers now have a major advantage over their competition: the ability to demonstrate the match between the publisher’s own audience and their advertisers’ brands. By reporting on motivations, values and purchase drivers along with demographic and behavioral audience insights, we help publishers demonstrate the value of their audiences.

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