Resonate Tags

Get unprecedented insights into the motivations and personal values of your target audiences.

Placing our tag on your website is like conducting an hour-long interview with every website visitor. Place industry-compliant tags on any web page, email or digital media asset and get back a detailed picture–based on thousands of attributes–of the motivations, values, purchases and media consumption habits that make your audiences tick.

Resonate audience tagging

Our Tags allow you to:

  • Understand what differentiates people who browse versus those who convert
  • Re-target your visitors with exactly the right message
  • Discover and create new audiences to capitalize on new insights that you find

What kinds of insights can we give you after tagging your digital assets?

  • Clickers versus Converters: See in detail what differentiates the visitors who make it all the way through the funnel from those who browse and bounce
  • Message relevance: Get rich psychographic profiles of the people who responded to different creative themes and messages
  • Audience measurement: See whether you’re actually reaching the target personas and segments that you set out to reach

What activities are tracked with tags?

Site Activity
Conversion Activity
Rich Media Interaction

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