Custom Questions

Custom Questions

Get personalized insights you can activate as digital audiences

Resonate Custom Questions lets you add questions about your brand, campaign or cause to the United States’ largest ongoing online survey of peoples’ motivations and values. Custom Questions help you move beyond traditional demographic and behavioral data to understand what truly drives people’s decisions. The integration of Resonate’s survey with the digital advertising ecosystem lets you reach the exact people for your message. The result: Personalized insights for delivering tangible results.

What you can do with Custom Questions

Resonate models the attributes derived from your custom questions onto the rest of the U.S. adult online population. This lets you turn insights about your market seamlessly into audiences to deliver your message to online. It’s what “actionable” was meant to be.

The value doesn’t end with media delivery. Modeling your attributes onto the U.S. online population lets Resonate provide groundbreaking visibility into the people who engage with your media campaigns. By layering your custom attributes on top of over 7,000 others, you’ll have the richest profile yet of your audience’s motivations, values, and other key traits.

Sample online activity report

Custom Questions allow you to

  • Deliver online content to people who match your ideal target
  • See whether your target customers are really the ones engaging with your owned and paid media
  • Test the viability of new market segments for development
  • Deepen your market understanding with Resonate’s 7,000+ psychographic and behavioral attributes on top of your custom attributes

Why use our Custom Questions?

Unparalleled Depth

Custom Questions are paired with thousands of behavioral and attitudinal attributes for a deeper understanding of your audience.

Representative Scale

Our census-scale research panels yield insights that are statistically valid and representative of the population.

How do Custom Questions work?

Step 1

We work with you to define survey questions based on your objectives, the types of insights you need, and whether online targeting is a priority.

Step 2

We place your questions in our survey with any conditional or screening logic, if appropriate.

Step 3

Your insights are available in our analytics platform and ready for digital activation after approximately 8 – 12 weeks.

Have Questions?

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