Custom Insights

Custom Insights

Turn our insights into your insights.

Further customize the insights in our platform by merging your first-party data with ours in three simple ways. Understand your online audience from the inside out by placing tags on your web pages, emails and digital media. Onboard your audience file to produce thousands of insights against your existing audience. And finally, gain wisdom into any topic or validate new opportunities by asking specific questions in our online survey – the largest of its kind in the US.

Resonate audience tagging


Our platform allows you to place industry-compliant tags on any web page, email or digital media asset and get back thousands of Resonate proprietary attributes, including a detailed picture of the personal values and preferences that make your target audience tick.

Placing our tag on your website is like conducting an hour-long interview with every website visitor to understand their profile both online and offline.

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Audience Onboarding

Only Resonate combines your first-party customer, voter or advocate information with the emotional and psychographic context based on thousands of attributes to understand who your audiences are and what they value most.

With Audience Onboarding, you can apply Resonate’s unique understanding of your audience’s motivations and values to understand their observed behaviors — so you can better message, engage and retain them.

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Custom Questions

With Custom Questions, for the first time you can add your own queries into our syndicated research survey. We pair the responses with thousands of attributes to yield deeper, more personalized and relevant insights.

Then you can leverage these new insights to activate your audience—at scale—via online advertising or email campaigns.

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