• Consumer Intelligence

    A deeper, more complete—and actionable—understanding of consumers.

What is Real-Time Consumer Intelligence?

Resonate's real time consumer intelligence in action

We have helped hundreds of clients more fully understand and reach their audiences, incorporating demographics and behaviors as well as the underlying attributes that reveal why individuals engage with certain brands, political campaigns or causes.

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How You Can Use Our Consumer Intelligence

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Analytics Platform

We conduct the nation’s largest ongoing, census-scale survey of individuals’ motivations and values to help you move past traditional demographic and behavioral segments and understand what drives your audience’s decisions.

Now, you can directly access these uniquely powerful insights and analytics via a SaaS offering.

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Custom Insights

Further customize the insights found in our platform by merging your data with ours in any or all of three simple ways.

1. Place Tags on your website, digital assets or campaigns, 2. onboard your CRM data or customer file with Audience Onboarding and/or 3. add your own queries in our survey with Custom Questions.

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Professional Services

Our experts can provide you with additional, customized intelligence by delivering Persona Development, Geographic Analyses, Customer Journeys, Premium Training and Competitive Analyses.

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Case Study

Product Appeal:
Productivity vs. Personality

A global tablet computing company wanted to find out if its product appealed to consumers more for work or for play. Resonate replicated the company’s proprietary typing tool through our Custom Insights and tagged the client’s purchase funnel to provide the answers.

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