Paid Social Activation

Paid Social Activation

Resonate paid social activation solutions leverage our unique consumer intelligence — based on thousands of attributes which explain why people make the decisions they make — to help you target the audiences most relevant to your organization and find more like them.


Accelerating Social Media Engagement

Create relevant, high performing audiences and segments by leveraging Resonate’s in-depth, proprietary real-time consumer data and insights, including 7,000+ attributes modeled at the individual level.

Then easily target your data across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to drive awareness, engagement, actions, likes and shares.

Insights Drive Performance

Identify your best customers, prospects, supporters and persuadables and find more of them by gaining a rich understanding of Facebook and Instagram engagers coming to your various digital assets.

Target and engage consumers in a more relevant manner by learning how your audience is already engaging with these and other social people engaging with your various Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Typical Use Cases:

Increase Awareness, Engagement, Actions, Likes & Shares
Go Beyond Basic Demographics With Resonate’s Rich Psychographic Data
Leverage Investment In Social Media With The Latest Ad Formats
Unique Modelling To Add Scale Or Find All New Prospects

How Paid Social Activation Works

Option 1

Activate your Resonate audiences in Facebook and Instagram directly within the Resonate Real-time Consumer Insights platform.

Option 2

Let our media experts work with you to identify your goals and key business outcomes that can be achieved using our paid social activation solutions, and continually optimize to your KPIs to define new, highly scalable audiences for your campaign.
We can also create rich Custom Audiences you can use to target more effectively in your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube tools.

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