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Cross-Platform Digital Advertising

We deliver the right audience based on what’s most relevant to them — reducing wasteful ad spend.

We provide the only audience targeting solution for display, video, and social across desktop and mobile that engages people based on their motivations, media consumption habits, online behaviors and thousands of other attributes. Whether you need to get your message in front of people unfamiliar with your brand, candidate or political issue – or reinforce it – we deliver your digital advertising messages to increase emotional engagement with your audience. We can execute and optimize your campaigns — or deliver audience segments that you can activate via your DMP or DSP.

Responsive display advertising options

Display Advertising

We deliver display campaigns on desktop and mobile to reach your target audiences based on critical underlying attributes — not just traditional demographic and behavioral data.

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Video Advertising

Combine the depth and power of Resonate insights with engaging video advertising across desktop and mobile to amplify your message and connect with your audience on an emotional level.

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Pre-roll video advertisement on a tablet
Facebook social media advertising

Paid Social Activation

Our paid social activation solutions put the unique power of our real-time consumer intelligence to work in the massive Facebook and Instagram networks.

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