Custom Audience Delivery

Custom Audience Delivery

Leverage our insights in your Demand Side Platform (DSP), trade desk or other activation platforms.

Activate Resonate audiences in third party platforms.  Build audiences around motivations, values, demographics and behavioral insights. Target and optimize campaigns directly with your preferred DSP or trade desk.

Long exposure of city traffic moving fast

Custom Audience Delivery allows you to:

  • Activate directly against your audience brief – across display, video and social inventory
  • Improve your targeting with a deeper understanding of what’s relevant to your audience
  • Use your trade desk or preferred DSP to quickly reach your audience. We can take care of all setup and refresh your audiences daily

Why Use Custom Audience Delivery?

Test, Learn and Optimize

With our platform, you can fine tune audience targeting during your campaigns, using insights about the people interacting with your messaging.

Expand Audience Reach

As the campaign progresses, we can track and leverage your KPI’s to find more people like the ones who are already interacting with your messaging.


How does Custom Audience Delivery work?

Custom audience delivery infographic

Custom Audience Delivery works with:

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