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    Digital Activation

    We give you a deeper understanding of your audience. Now engage them.

What is Digital Activation?

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The only analytics platform that gives you the power to find and engage your audience — based on what’s relevant to them — via digital advertising, email marketing and other channels, across desktop and mobile platforms.

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Our Activation Capabilities

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Digital Advertising

We can activate your audience at scale across desktop and mobile, leveraging the only platform that engages them based on why they make the decisions they make.

Our digital cross-platform ad solutions include: display, video and paid social advertising.

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Custom Audience Delivery

Seamless integration with your Demand Side Platform (DSP) enables you to instantly convert your rich segments and personas into targetable online audiences–and activate them.

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Data Management Platform (DMP)

Turn your Data Management Platform (DMP) into a consumer analytics platform by integrating with us. You’ll understand your audience segments more clearly and enhance your targeting and delivery.

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Email Marketing (ESP)

Discover what motivates your audience and subscribers—and then reach them via email. We allow you to improve targeting, deliverability, engagement, and personalization to your email lists.


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Case Study

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Productivity vs. Personality

A global tablet computing company wanted to find out if its product appealed to consumers more for work or for play. Resonate replicated the company’s proprietary typing tool through our Custom Insights and tagged the client’s purchase funnel to provide the answers.

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