Our Methodology

We collect anonymous behavior from mobile and desktop browsing activity of 90% of U.S. adult web users. We conduct 200,000+ online interviews, utilizing decades of proven recruitment and survey methods. We analyze one billion events and one trillion words a day.

This allows us to then train models with our patent pending methodology which applies the survey conclusions to observations of people across the entire Internet. Statistical and machine learning algorithms can then identify correlations between consumer insights gathered through the survey and online site visitation.

How We’re Different

Resonate methodology predictive models: Observe, Ask, Predict

The Ingredients

Massive Surveys

In order to understand motivations at census scale, we conduct far more surveys than any other consumer research platform, and we maintain 200,000 active surveys. Responses are pre-matched to observed individual browsing histories. We collect a representative sample of the U.S. adult online population from several leading online panels.

Big Data Content Feed

We collect over 45 billion page-level content viewing events for 90% of U.S. adult online web users, spanning several million websites. We run that data through proprietary natural language processing algorithms to understand the topic-interest graph of each user in order to associate that behavior with underlying attributes like demographics, values and motivations.

Offline Data Append

To validate and enrich our primary research, we append all responses with offline purchase data, and may link other datasets, such as voting records. This matching uses verified personally identifiable data (PII) by contracted panels and data partners. We never observe, store, nor sell this PII.


Target & Optimize

We train models on our primary research and appends, and project them to the US adult online population. The resulting pool of 550 million addressable IDs is then available for analysis in our platform and for cross-platform delivery on video, display, and social media as well as to DMP, CRM, email and content management systems.

Insights to Activation on One Platform

Resonate methodology and how it works

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