About Us

Our Mission: More Relevant Marketing—Better Results

In a perfect world, consumers would only receive marketing messages that matter to them. They’d be more receptive—and happier. And organizations spending marketing and communications dollars would be ecstatic about making investments that perform better and reducing wasted spending.

Our unique Intelligence-to-Activation platform has helped hundreds of organizations work towards that perfect world by enabling them to more fully understand, segment and activate their audiences based on the underlying attributes that drive WHY they decide to take — or not take — certain actions.


What’s the cost of not fully understanding your audience?

Wasted spending? Irrelevant messaging? Poor results?

You don’t need more data to tell you whom to target. You need the right kind of intelligence. Resonate is the only technology that gives you the deepest and most intimate understanding of your audience by combining our first-party insights on their underlying motivations, values, media consumption habits — and thousands of other attributes —  with traditional demographic and behavioral data. Our platform can also integrate your first party customer data to yield even more personalized intelligence.

Why Us?

Translating Research to Reality

Our Platform helps organizations bridge the longstanding gap between intelligence and action by providing consumer insights, analytics and activation at scale in one SaaS offering.

Highly “Motivated” Data

We conduct the world’s largest survey of consumer motivations, values and beliefs to help our clients understand why consumers make the decisions they make.


Organizations Trust Us

Our technology has helped hundreds of brands, political campaigns and advocacy organizations improve their ability to deliver more relevant messages that truly resonate with their audience, improving the cost-effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Our Data Isn’t All That’s Motivated

Our talented team of research, big data, software and online marketing experts—in both the brand and political and advocacy arenas—is relentlessly committed to our mission of making marketing more relevant.

World-Class Partner Ecosystem

We partner with industry leading players—data providers, technology companies and activation partners–to deliver a world-class platform that is continuously improving to meet our clients’ needs.

Ready to Resonate?

Join the hundreds of organizations that are getting a deeper, more complete – and actionable – understanding of their audience. Contact us today.